Monday, April 05, 2004

The Snake's New Nest

So, the heir to the Francoist regime, the fella that produced Western Europe's worst environmental disaster, the Fascist that closed down newspapers and banned political parties, the imbecile that mislead the UN to blame the attacks in Madrid on ETA, the sadist that accused the Basque society for the bombings in Madrid found a new home, and the derelicts that want him to teach the US next generations even awarded him with the "Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership".

What is he gonna teach, how to manipulate the media? How to demonize an entire culture? How to make Adolph Hitler look good?

Here you can read what the Georgetown University has to say about him, what a crock!

One has to see it to believe it!

Spain's Aznar accepts U.S. university teaching post
MADRID (Reuters) - Outgoing Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, a close ally of U.S. President George W. Bush, has accepted a post as associate professor at Georgetown University in Washington, a government spokesman said on Monday.

Aznar is due to step down later this month following Socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's surprise victory in March 14 general elections, three days after suspected al Qaeda train bombings in Madrid.

Aznar, who retired at the election after two successive terms, has until now been coy about what he would do next and speculation over his future has provided endless material for political pundits.

The Catholic university, which was founded in 1789 and ranks former U.S. President Bill Clinton amongst its alumni, said that Aznar had been named Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership.

"I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity with Georgetown University. It will be a privilege for me to join the faculty of this world-class institution in the fields of international relations and political studies," Aznar was quoted as saying on the university's Web page.

Aznar, who angered some of his European counterparts with his support for the U.S.-led war in Iraq last year, will teach seminars on contemporary European politics and transatlantic relations, the university said.

What had long been billed as Aznar's triumphant retirement from politics was marred by the March 11 bombings, which killed 191 people and contributed to the shock defeat of his hand-picked successor Mariano Rajoy.

Aznar's initial insistence that Basque separatist guerrillas ETA were the main suspects, despite growing evidence of militant Islamic involvement, was seen as an important factor in Zapatero's victory.

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