Thursday, February 01, 2007

Peace Networks

This note comes to us via EITb:


Training project

Govt, towns and Peace Centre to devise social network for peace


The Basque premier affirmed that "today more than ever, it makes sense to keep every channel in the search for peace open." The plan wants to train 2,500 people as "agents for reconciliation."

The Basque premier, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, affirmed that "today more than ever, it makes sense to keep all channels open to develop our work" in the search for peace, and noted the necessity to build a "social network that soften falls."

That is why the Basque Government, the Association of Basque Municipalities Eudel and the Peace Centre Baketik signed an agreement for the project "Bider Mila" that aims at spreading "a social culture for coexistence and reconciliation."

The agreement, signed by Ibarretxe, the president of Eudel Karmelo Sainz de la Maza, and the president of the Peace Centre Arantzazu Baketik Jose Mari Arregi, is worth 80,000 euros and wants to create a "social network for coexistence and reconciliation" through training courses on ethical management of conflicts. 1,685 people have already signed up for the courses.

The Basque premier explained that this kind of initiative, contemplated in the Peace and Coexistence Plan of the Basque Government, "makes sense today more than ever." Ibarretxe highlighted that "reconciliation and coexistence are not oblivion, but a critical interpretation to learn from the past."

Ibarretxe thinks that this kind of project is necessary, as society must get involved to win peace and coexistence. With regard to the situation arising from ETA's latest attack in Madrid, he noted that he won't let Basque society "fall into despair."

"In the previous processes, we fell once and again deep into the well. That can't be admitted. It's essential to have a social network that soften falls, that helps us stand up every time we fall down, not to go back to our destructive past," he added.

In turn, Sainz de la Maza assured that "making a modern Spain in peace means to make a country of values," and he estimated this aim must be the "priority" of every politician. That is why he recommended turning to "dialogue, respect and tolerance."

Aim to train 2,500 people

From Baketik, Jonan Fernandez explained that the agreement could help to enlarge the programme and the field of the courses of the foundation, in which, as he said, 1,685 people have already signed up. Thus, Baketik hopes that from 2,000 to 2,500 people take part in these training programmes throughout this year.

The regional Government will give 60,000 of the 80,000 euros worth the agreement, and Eudel 20,000.

The agreement states the compromise to train more than 1,000 people as reconciliation agents in 15 months in courses on ethical management of conflicts.

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