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One More Albanian Nation

The note you are about to read is a perfect example of just how sick and twisted international politics really are.

It tells us about the decision by the UN to go ahead and provide the Albanians with a second nation, since Albania was not enough apparently.

The note by Slobodan Lekic appeared at Yahoo News, it is called "Other Separatists Buoyed by Kosovo Push" and it starts out like this:

From the jungles of Indonesia to Spain's Basque country, separatists of the world are drawing hope from the approach of U.N.-approved independence of Kosovo.

"The Kosovo precedent will be important for us," said Igor Smirnov, leader of the Trans-Dniester region that seeks to break away from Moldova. He maintains that his tiny enclave has an even better case for independence than Kosovo.

Another hopeful Kosovo-watcher is Iraqi Kurdistan. "It's important that Kosovo achieves independence through a U.N. Security Council resolution because that will establish a legal principle which will also some day apply to Kurdistan," said Mahmoud Othman, a senior Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament.

So far so good, but then things start to turn for the worst:

The United States and European Union, which are backing a U.N. plan to grant "supervised independence" to the predominantly ethnic Albanian province of Serbia, dismiss suggestions that it would encourage separatist movements elsewhere.

Excuse me?

What did I miss here?

Let me start by saying that is quite appalling that the USA and the EU have the gall to dismiss what they call "separatist movements elsewhere". For Christ sake, they are about to provide the Albanians with a second nation just like that, out of the blue, but they refuse to acknowledge the legitimate demand by other nations to their own sovereignty?

Does Europe really need a second Albanian state? I mean, lets be honest, the first one is not faring that well and at least it has a coast line, the new one is landlocked besides being tiny and sadly underdeveloped.

How can the Europeans thinks that a second Albanian state is a good thing while at the same time openly stating that a Basque state, or a Scottish state, or a Corsican state are not needed.

And how come the Albanians can be called ethnic Albanians but according to the extreme right in the USA and other parts of the world if the Basques or the Sami claim to be an ethnic group they are labeled racists?

And so it is that the Albanians are different from the Serbians, but the Basques are not different from the Spaniards, how inconsistent don't you think?

Then the article goes on telling us about how Russia and of course Serbia, oppose the creation of this new Albanian state:

But the plan is strongly opposed by Serbia and Russia, which will settle at most for wide local autonomy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned in February that independence for Kosovo would be taken as a precedent by others, including pro-Russian breakaway provinces in the ex-Soviet republics of Georgia and Moldova.

This issue has become a major irritant in the already strained relations between the West and a resurgent Russia.

The latest attempt to defuse tensions foundered this week after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Putin failed to find common ground. Kosovo also figures in Russia's wider dispute with the EU, jeopardizing plans to create a "strategic partnership" between Moscow and Brussels.

But wait, there is more, check out this paragraph by this Finnish gentleman:

The author of the Kosovo plan, former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari, said he did not believe a precedent would be set by granting the province independence. "No two problem areas are the same," he said.

How so?

How come Kosovo and Euskal Herria are not the same? Could he be more explicit please?

The author of the article provides an answer for double faced Ahtisaari:

But in some of the four dozen territories around the world aspiring to break free, Kosovo's future looks set to have far-reaching effects — especially if separation is engineered through a Security Council resolution.

"Kosovo's independence would certainly have broad and destabilizing consequences for many other secessionist conflicts," warns Bruno Coppieters, head of the Political Sciences Department at Brussels Free University.

In Indonesia, it could have a powerful impact on the two separatist-minded provinces of Aceh and West Papua, said Damien Kingsbury, a key adviser to the separatist Free Aceh Movement.

Indonesia, which has already lost East Timor, "is always sensitive about issues affecting territorial integrity, so it will be very worried," Kingsbury said.

The U.S. and EU insist Kosovo is a special case because it has been a ward of the international community since a U.N. administration was set up in 1999. That followed a brief aerial war during which NATO ejected Serb forces accused of mounting a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the 2 million Albanian inhabitants.

Oh yes, and then the fail to mention the ethnic cleansing of Serbians and Macedonians carried out by the ethnic Albanian KLA/NLA.

Now check out this Daniel Fried idiot being just plain fascitious:

"A new Security Council resolution would clearly specify that this was a unique case not applicable to other regions," Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried said in a recent interview.

Fried said the Bush administration intends to sponsor the new resolution, based on Ahtisaari's plan. "Kosovo will be independent one way or the other," he said.

What he is saying is, the world will do whatever the USA says, hey, the Albanian Americans are paying me good money to say this.

Enter the European Union:

While the European Union also insists Kosovo is no precedent, some of its member states have their own restive regions to contend with — Catalonia and the Basque country in Spain, Flanders in Belgium, Hungarian nationalists in Slovakia and Cyprus' breakaway Turkish Republic.

Hold your wild horses European Union.

Kosovo is not a precedent?

Are Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro a precedent?

Why is Europe being so blind about what just happened in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Why nothing seems to be a precedent for the hopes of self determination of the Basques, Catalans, Corsicans and Britons among others?

Well, according to the article, Basque and Kurds have something to say about it:

A parliamentary spokesman for the Basque Nationalist Party, the main party in the regional government of northern Spain's Basque region, sees the Kosovo plan as "a very positive development."

"We think this could be a very good precedent, and someday we could aspire to something similar," said Josu Erkoreka.

Othman, the Kurd, said it is inaccurate to argue Kosovo is somehow special.

"Just like Kosovo, Iraqi Kurdistan has also been under international protection (since the 1991 Gulf War). There is no difference," he said in a telephone interview from Baghdad.

Any move by Iraq's Kurdish provinces to break free would create a major political headache for Washington and invite armed intervention from neighboring Turkey, which has its own restless Kurdish minority.

And finally, some rather cryptic words by some Tim Judah:

Tim Judah, a London-based Balkan analyst and author, said the Security Council ideally should grant Kosovo independence but simultaneously repudiate unilateral secessions elsewhere.

But he expects that "whatever the Security Council does may nonetheless encourage some secessionist groups somewhere."

But of course Judah, because no matter how many colonialist minded lunatics like yourself are out there, the will of the people will always prevail.

Because you know what Tim Judah?

The Security Council is telling people that when the United Nations demand from the nations without statehood to find a peaceful and negotiated solution to their self-determination dreams it is plain out being deceptive, because the Security Council is about to grant independence to a region of Serbia as a feeble response to the pressure exercised by the Albanian-American community and the lobbyists they hired to turn the Congress members attention over the issue.

As always the media has played an important role by creating a wall of lies and misconceptions around the Kosovo Liberation Army, a murderous organization that under the protection of the UN Blue Helmets carried out authentic ethnic cleansing operations against the Serbian population of Kosovo. This KLA later morphed into the National Liberation Army because many Albanians wish to wrestle away portions of land from Macedonia, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro to create what they call the Greater Albania. The NLA had its 15 minutes of fame a few years ago when again, protected by the UN, tried to spark conflict in neighboring Macedonia claiming that the Albanians were too being mistreated by the Macedonians.

They failed then, but after Kosovo gains its independence the NLA will make sure to keep expanding Albania. And a whole new ethnic cleansing era will start, because these NLA thugs really enjoy murdering defenceless people.

One last thing, the UN is being so hypocritical about the whole issue that it is not mentioning that one of the reason why this independence is supposed to be "supervised" is because they are requesting from Kosovo not to join Albania at the most pure Texan style.

But I am telling you now, Kosovo will become part of Albania within five years of winning its independence.

I leave you with a couple of questions; why is the UN so adamant about telling other ethnic groups to forgo of their self determination plans when the own UN Charter enshrines the right of all people to their self determination?

Why is the European Union, a union of European nations playing by the rules of the states, forgetting about all the nations within those states?

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