Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spain Rejects Basque Referendum

Here we are again, witnessing Spain's descent into totalitarianism for refusing to evolve and finally let go of its genocidal colonialist past.

Once again they have rejected a proposal to a referendum in the Basque Autonomous Community depriving part of the Basque society with a chance to express their will regarding their self determination.

I present to you a note regarding this issue published at Earth. com:

Spain rejects Basque referendum on independence
Posted : Tue, 20 May 2008 12:50:04 GMT

Madrid - The Spanish government on Tuesday reiterated its rejection of a Basque plan of a referendum on a self-government bordering on independence, which the Basque regional government is proposing as a solution to the violence of the militant separatist group ETA. Spain could not accept the plan, which did not respect the constitution nor have a wide backing in Basque society, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said after meeting Basque regional Premier Juan Jose Ibarretxe in Madrid.

Ibarretxe accused Zapatero of only caring about his Socialist Party's success in the upcoming Basque regional elections, but said he nevertheless believed an agreement to still be possible.

Ibarretxe has announced the referendum for October 25, but even some sectors of his own Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) are against it.

It is expected that the vote would consult the Basques on the future of their region, including a self-government bordering on independence.

There are fears that the vote would lend legimacy to ETA. Spain has expressed willingness to enlarge the Basque region's autonomy in exchange of Ibarretxe abandoning his plan.

ETA has killed about 830 people over four decades. The most recent victim, police officer Juan Manuel Pinuel, died in a car bombing last week.

Just how stupid can Zapatero be?

He says that "Spain could not accept the plan, which did not respect the constitution nor have a wide backing in Basque society". How is it that he knows that the plan does not have a wide backing in Basque society? Wouldn't you need a referendum to find out the backing of any plan by any group?

And how about the recent referendum in Kosovo regarding their independence? It was clearly against the Serbian constitution, yet, it took place.

Oh, and by the way, I would like to ask the people at Earth.com who is counting the victims of the violence generated by the Spanish government, that figure doesn't appear in any of their reports about the Basque Country.

Maybe is time for Ibarretxe to stop betraying the Basque society that really wants independence, is obvious that Madrid is never going to give him any measure of respect.

Note: The Basque Autonomous Community only includes three out of the seven historic Basque provinces.

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