Saturday, June 07, 2008

Archuleta Is Basque

So, a Basque news outlet finally picked up on American Idol's David Archuleta and his last name. I posted something about it when the reality show was just starting, I even got a Basque to comment that a Basque last name does not make a person Basque.

Well, here you have the note that was published at EITb:

Basques around the world

David Archuleta: an “American Idol” with Basque heritage


The great “American idol” has the best letter of introduction possible; his surname. In fact, the young finalist of American Idol has promise.

David Archuleta became the runner-up on the seventh season of the worldly known U.S. program “American Idol”. With the mythical song Imagine, the young boy won the heart of 28.45 voters, 44 percent of the overall voters.

Archuleta’s performance reached 27% share, a real positive one, taking into account that the Oscars Ceremony got 32 million of audience.

Moreover, the day after the debut of the young hope, his performance was the most seen video in YouTube, with more than 530,000 visits.

It was not the first time that the young boy sings before public, because when he was twelve, he won "Star Search" contest and devoting himself to music has always been his desire.

Although he is not widely linked to the Basque Country, he has Basque ancestors and according to hid father statements, his family has Basque heritage since 1500, approximately.

The fan page The Arch Angels talks about his Basque background:

David Archuleta's Past:

David is the second oldest of five children. His mother is from Honduras and his father is American of Basque descent. He has three younger siblings Amber, Daniel and Jazzy and an older sister Claudia. His family moved to Utah when he was six where David now attends Murray High School. If he does not win American Idol he plans to continue school and work on his singing career.

Update: Sadly, the reference about David Archuleta's father claiming his Basque ancestry at Wikipedia has been deleted, we can only guess that some Spaniards got angry and decided to act on it.

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