Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Antonio Barberena in Orlando

This note was published at the Orlando Sentinel:

Antonio Barberena in concert

Concert in the gardens of the Maitland Art Center.

The Maitland Art Center (MAC) and the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando are proud to announce the special presentation and concert of the classic accordionist, Antonio Barberena. The free concert is scheduled for Sunday, November 16 at 6 pm in the Mayan Courtyard.

Antonio Barberena was born in Mexico City in 1962. He started playing the accordion piano system at the age of 11 years in a lyric way; at 15 he started with formal classes with the Italian teacher Sergio Rizzardi, changing to chromatic or botton system. He has performed with the Phylarmonic Orchestra of the UNAM, the Opera Orchestra of Bellas Artes and as a soloist with the Classical Orchestra of Mexico. To date, he has been presented in the main concert halls of the city of Mexico and in most of the main theaters of Mexico.

His music has been played on TV and on the radio in the capital city. During his career he has played the world premiere of several works for accordion in Mexico. In 2004 he was prized by the Mexican Basque Society with the title “Number One Member” in recognition for playing Basque music in Mexico.

Since 2003, he has performed contemporary music together with the Marimba player Javier Nandayapa and Mirna Yam in percussion. Today he is working in the third volume of classical music in accordion and a DVD of a life concert in the Basílica de Guadalupe. He is visiting Orlando as a featured guest of the Florida Accordion Association.

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