Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Case Dismissed

Spain just couldn't keep up with the charade called trial against the Basque politicians who pursued peace talks a couple of years ago. Incensed by the Basque politicians actions, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Juan Carlos Borbon had a couple of high profile extreme right groups doing the dirty job for them, to no avail according to this news item posted at Nasdaq:

Spanish Court Dismisses Case Against Basque Politicians

(RTTNews) - A Spanish court on Monday dismissed the controversial case against three senior Basque politicians, including the prime minister of the semi-autonomous region and two senior opposition leaders, who were accused of holding talks with a banned party linked to the separatist group ETA.

The court threw out the case against the three Basque politicians, including Basque Prime Minister Juan Jose Ibarretxe and two opposition Socialist Party leaders - Patxi Lopez and Rodolfo Ares, after the prosecution admitted that their contacts with the banned party were not illegal.

The three politicians were accused of holding illegal peace negotiations with the ETA-linked Batasuna party during the 2006-2007 ceasefire, and the prosecutors had demanded prison sentences of two years and nine months for Ibarretxe, and nine months each for the two socialist leaders.

All the three accused politicians had admitted contacts with the banned Batasuna party, saying that it was a part of their efforts to negotiate a peaceful settlement. If convicted, the three would have faced jail terms and a life ban from politics.

Only in Spain people seeking peace can face the chance of a trial and eventual imprisonment, yet, there is many in the international community who insist that Spain is a democracy. Spain has always relied on violence when it comes to dealing with the Basques and this botched "trial" proves it.

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