Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ertzaintza to Operate in Iparralde

Ares has gone where no PNV member has gone before... Iparralde in now part of the Basque Autonomous Community. We still remember when Ibarretxe said at the Think Gaur page that Ipar Euskal Herria was just an "area of interest". Now photophobic Ares and his boss Francisco Javier López have accomplished something amazing, the Ertzaintza (a police force that is not allowed in Nafarroa within the Spanish state) will now operate in Iparralde which happens to be located in the French state according to this note at EiTB:

Ertzaintza agents to work at Hendaye's police station

According to Basque Interior councillor Rodolfo Ares, Basque police will settle on the office of Iparralde, or French Basque Country, "in the coming months."

Basque Government's Interior councillor Rodolfo Ares has announced that Ertzaintza, or Basque police, will have presence at Hendaye's station in the following months. In fact, Spanish and French police are already working together at Iparralde's offices.

"We will also be there," he told Basque newspaper El Correo.

According to Ares, "it is fundamental that Ertzaintza can work when it is necessary, through an immediate coordination to share information."

New Ertzaintza's division

Ares insisted that the "Basque police antiterrorist division" recently created is not integrated in any other area. "The information brought up here should be investigated in order to stop terrorists and to prevent that more people join ETA."

Last week, ex Interior councillor Juan Mari Atutxa denounced that Ares had not created any new unity but he had rebaptized an already existing one.

Lovely how Atutxa makes a big deal out of nothing. Who cares, the bottom line is, when it comes to suppressing the civil and political rights of the Basque people, suddenly Paris and Madrid are not as ultra-nationalistic as usual.

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