Friday, October 04, 2002

Basque Saga Takes a Twist

Yesterday, the Nobel Peace Prize, human rights activist Rigoberta Menchu was the honor guest speaker at an European Forum. Among many other things she spoke about the right of the Basque people for self determination and she also spoke against the new law in Spain that allows the government to outlaw oppositon political parties. She also spoke against ETA's violence and begged the terrorist group to stop their killings.

In response the PP, the ruling party in Spain demanded that her name be removed from a street in Madrid that honors Rigoberta Menchu for her actions to defend the rights of the indigenous people in Central America. The major of Madrid said that they should cut her some slack since she was from a land so far away that she was ignorant of anything regarding the Basque issue. Today, Spain's delegate to that European forum requested that since Rigoberta Menchu was not european, she should not be allowed to speak at that forum, and get this one, they heed to her request and Rigoberta Menchu could not speak today!

Rigoberta defended what she said and she is to visit the Basque Country in the next couple of days. Let's hope that Spain does not deny her a visa.

What is wrong with people?! The fascist Spanish government is openly attacking a Nobel Prize that is asking for easing a peace process in the region! Are the europeans going to forget so easily what the whole experience of Hitler and in recent years Milosevic tought them?
I hope not.

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