Saturday, March 03, 2007

A New Euskal Herria

A child holds a Basque flag with a sticker reading 'A new Basque Country', during a Batasuna rally in Pamplona, in the Spanish Basque province of Navarra, March 3, 2007. Spokesman for the banned Basque party, Arnaldo Otegi, proposed an initial four-province Basque region comprised of Navarra and the three provinces of the Basque Autonomous Community, with the right to statehood, saying that, without Navarra, they wanted 'Nothing, nothing, nothing.' REUTERS/Vincent West (SPAIN)

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  1. In my opinion, the people of Nafarroa should vote on whether or not they want to join the rest of the autonomous Basque provinces and become their own country. Out of all the Basque regoins in Spain, Nafarroa is the one being drained of it's culture the most, mostly due to the Spanish.
    I just don't understand why Spain insists on keeping the Basque regions and refuses them to form their own country. It's so obvious they want to be free, especially the younger generation. They should just let them become independent and help them form their own government instead of going through all these messy politics.