Friday, March 02, 2007

Reduced Punishment for Iñaki

The Spanish regime on Thursday reduced the severity of the sentence for Iñaki de Juana Chaos, the Basque political prisoner who has been on a four-month hunger strike. The decision allowed Iñak de Juana to finish his remaining term in a Basque Country hospital and, if he recovers, at home.

Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba told the parliament that he made the decision out of "legal and humanitarian reasons" as doctors say that De Janua Chaos would die within weeks in an attempt to reduce the heat from the Partido Popular members although we all know he did not mean it because if it was up to him he would have Iñaki put in a dungeon.

De Janua Chaos, who was convicted by a fascist court of making terrorist threats and incitement to terrorism, will be under watch with a long-distance monitoring device and only be able to leave home with the permission of the Basque Country prison authorities.

The member of the pro-independence group ETA was jailed in 1987 for more than 3,000 years on counts of 25 murder cases, but had his sentence reduced to 18 years after appealing. Just before the end of his term, he received a new sentence of 12 years as a result of two articles he wrote for the Basque daily Gara, which judges ruled contained threats directed at jail administrators.

An appeal helped ease this second sentence to three years, of which he has served two. He halted his first hunger strike a few days before his appeal hearing, but resumed after the deliverance of the final verdict. He is now being held at Madrid's Oct. 12 Hospital, where doctors are force-feeding him via a tube running in through his nose and down to his stomach.

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