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Independence Dates

A strategy often used against Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) by the French, the Spaniards and their chorus of enablers is the one in which they make you believe that the independence of a nation is a rare occurrence these days. Well, I provide you with the list of countries that have obtained their independence from the 1950's until today:

December 24, 1951/Libya/from Italy
November 9, 1953/Cambodia/from France
January 1, 1956/Sudan/from Egypt and UK
March 2, 1956/Morocco/from France
March 20, 1956/Tunisia/from France
March 6, 1957/Ghana/from UK
August 31, 1957/Malaysia/from UK
October 2, 1958/Guinea/from France


January 1, 1960/Cameroon/from French-administered UN trusteeship
April 4, 1960/Senegal/from France
April 27, 1960/Togo/from French-administered UN trusteeship
June 26, 1960/Madagascar/from France
June 26, 1960/Somaliland/from UK
June 30, 1960/Democratic Republic of the Congo/from Belgium
July 1, 1960/Somalia/from the Italian-administered UN trusteeship
August 1, 1960/Benin/from France
August 3, 1960/Niger/from France
August 5, 1960/Burkina Faso/from France
August 7, 1960/Côte d'Ivoire/from France
August 11, 1960/Chad/from France
August 13, 1960/Central African Republic/from France
August 15, 1960/Republic of the Congo/from France
August 16, 1960/Cyprus/from UK
August 17, 1960/Gabon/from France
September 22, 1960/Mali/from France
October 1, 1960/Nigeria/from UK
November 28, 1960/Mauritania/from France
April 27, 1961/Sierra Leone/from UK
May 31, 1910/South Africa/from UK
June 19, 1961/Kuwait/from UK
December 9, 1961/Tanzania/from UK-administered UN trusteeship
January 1, 1962/Samoa/from New Zealand-administered UN trusteeship
July 1, 1962/Burundi/from UN trusteeship under Belgian administration
July 1, 1962/Rwanda/from Belgium-administered UN trusteeship
July 5, 1962/Algeria/from France
August 6, 1962/Jamaica/from UK
August 31, 1962/Trinidad and Tobago/from UK
October 9, 1962/Uganda/from UK
December 12, 1963/Kenya/from UK
July 6, 1964/Malawi/from UK
September 21, 1964/Malta/from UK
October 24, 1964/Zambia/from UK
February 18, 1965/The Gambia/from UK
July 26, 1965/Maldives/from UK
August 4, 1965/Cook Islands/became a self-governing parliamentary government in free association with New Zealand
August 9, 1965/Singapore/from Malaysian Federation
May 26, 1966/Guyana/from UK
September 30, 1966/Botswana/from UK
October 4, 1966/Lesotho/from UK
November 30, 1966/Barbados/from UK
November 30, 1967/South Yemen/from UK
January 31, 1968/Nauru/from the Australia-, NZ-, and UK-administered UN trusteeship
March 12, 1968/Mauritius/from UK
September 6, 1968/Swaziland/from UK
October 12, 1968/Equatorial Guinea/from Spain


June 4, 1970/Tonga/from UK
October 10, 1970/Fiji/from UK
August 15, 1971/Bahrain/from UK
September 3, 1971/Qatar/from UK
December 2, 1971/United Arab Emirates/from UK
December 16, 1971/Bangladesh/from Pakistan
July 10, 1973/The Bahamas/from UK
September 24, 1973/Guinea-Bissau/from Portugal (declaration)
February 7, 1974/Grenada/from UK
October 19, 1974/Niue/became a self-governing parliamentary government in free association with New Zealand
June 25, 1975/Mozambique/from Portugal
July 5, 1975/Cape Verde/from Portugal
July 6, 1975/Comoros/from France
July 12, 1975/São Tomé and Príncipe/from Portugal
September 16, 1975/Papua New Guinea/from the Australian-administered UN trusteeship
November 11, 1975/Angola/from Portugal
November 25, 1975/Suriname/from Netherlands
February 26, 1976/Western Sahara/former Spanish Sahara, from Spain. Ongoing conflict: military occupation in much of the territory by Morocco while the rest is administered by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.
June 29, 1976/Seychelles/from UK
June 27, 1977/Djibouti/from France
July 7, 1978/Solomon Islands/from UK
October 1, 1978/Tuvalu/from UK
November 3, 1978/Dominica/from UK
February 22, 1979/Saint Lucia/from UK
July 12, 1979/Kiribati/from UK
October 27, 1979/Saint Vincent and the Grenadines/from UK


April 18, 1980/Zimbabwe/from UK
July 30, 1980/Vanuatu/from France and UK
September 21, 1981/Belize/from UK
November 1, 1981/Antigua and Barbuda/from UK
September 19, 1983/Saint Kitts and Nevis/from UK
January 1, 1984/Brunei/from UK
October 21, 1986/Marshall Islands/from the US-administered UN trusteeship as Compact of Free Association takes effect
November 3, 1986/Federated States of Micronesia/from the US-administered UN Trusteeship as Compact of Free Association takes effect


March 11, 1990/Lithuania/from the Soviet Union
March 21, 1990/Namibia/from South African mandate
May 22, 1990/Yemen/merger North Yemen and South Yemen
October 3, 1990/Germany/unification of West Germany and East Germany
April 9, 1991/Georgia/from the Soviet Union
June 25, 1991/Croatia/from Yugoslavia
June 25, 1991/Slovenia/from Yugoslavia
August 20, 1991/Estonia/from the Soviet Union
August 21, 1991/Latvia/from the Soviet Union
August 24, 1991/Russia/from the Soviet Union, Russia is the successor state.
August 24, 1991/Ukraine/from the Soviet Union
August 25, 1991/Belarus/from the Soviet Union
August 27, 1991/Moldova/from the Soviet Union
August 30, 1991/Azerbaijan/from the Soviet Union
August 31, 1991/Kyrgyzstan/from the Soviet Union
September 1, 1991/Uzbekistan/from the Soviet Union
September 8, 1991/Republic of Macedonia/from Yugoslavia
September 9, 1991/Tajikistan/from the Soviet Union
September 21, 1991/Armenia/from the Soviet Union
October 27, 1991/Turkmenistan/from the Soviet Union
December 16, 1991/Kazakhstan/from the Soviet Union
March 1, 1992/Bosnia and Herzegovina/from Yugoslavia
April 27, 1992/Federal Republic of Yugoslavia/formed as self-proclaimed successor to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
January 1, 1993/Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia
January 1, 1993/Slovakia/Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia
May 24, 1993/Eritrea/from Ethiopia
April 27, 1994/South Africa/Homelands reincorporated into South Africa and all races officially recognised as citizens
October 1, 1994/Palau/from the US-administered UN Trusteeship as Compact of Free Association takes effect

Since 2000

May 20, 2002/East Timor/From Portugal. East Timor was occupied by Indonesia between 1975-1999.
June 3, 2006/Montenegro/Dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro after a referendum supporting such a move in Montenegro
June 5, 2006/Serbia/Dissolution of Serbia and Montenegro - Serbia is the successor state

See? The most natural thing for an occupied nation is to seek its self-determination, a political right that is protected by the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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