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Gernika : 71st Anniversary

The Spaniards would prefer that the international press would stop including the bombing of the town of Gernik (Guernica) back in April of 1937. They've tried hard to cast a web of lies and misconceptions from day one.

But even if they succeed at convincing the media outlets to stop reminding people about the genocidal crime committed that infamous day, we, the Basques, will continue to commemorate the day in which innocent civilians were murdered by the Fascist powers of the time (Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Franco's Spain). And we will continue to remind the international community that Francisco Franco did not end up his career as his mentors did, no, he died in his bed of old age and to this date not one of his henchmen and underlings has ever been tried for the crimes committed by his murderous regime.

This note appeared today at EITb:



71st anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika


The prize giving ceremony of the 5th edition of Gernika Awards for Peace and Reconciliation will be celebrated in the morning. The prizes go to Cándido Seseta, and Dekha Ibrahim Abdi.

Gernika commemorates today the 71st anniversary of the Bombing of this Biscayan town in the Basque Country by German air force leaded by general Franco with several events which include the prize giving ceremony of the 5th edition of Gernika Awards for Peace and Reconciliation.

According to the town council in Gernika, the Bombing commemoration events will start with the presentation of the book El Bombardeo de Gernika (The Bombing of Gernika) in Lizeo Antzokia Theater.

Later, there will be a meeting with Michel Janper, representative of Children of War association, and Johan Block, a member of Family of the executed in War collective.

The prize giving ceremony of the 5th edition of Gernika Awards for Peace and Reconciliation will also be celebrated in the morning which go to two people: One of them, the Basque army commander Cándido Seseta Etxebarria, died in February 1937 when he was attacking with his "gudaris" ( Basque soldiers) an enemy position trying to get Oviedo back for the Republic, and second to the Kenyan woman Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize 2007 after showing that religious and other kind of differences can be reconciled in several ethnic and cultural situations.

The events will continue in the afternoon and at 16:30 (coinciding with the moment when the bombing started over the town) a prayer for the dead and a floral offering for the people who died in the bombing will take place at the mausoleum of the cemetery in Zallo (Gernika). Among other important figures, institutional representatives and Basque politicians will be in this event.

According to the major of this town, José María Gorroño, "It will be a special day today, in which we will remember the hundreds of died and injured people who lived that horror, which marked us forever".

Let us remember that the Spanish government has never apologized for the bombing of innocent Basque civilians in Durango and Gernika (Guernica). More so, they are proud of what they did just like they are proud of what they did in America 500 years ago when they leveled entire civilizations murdering millions of people, this is why even today the Spanish people celebrate their national day on Octobert 12th.

Unable to unshackle their minds, the Spaniards have tried hard to enslave the Basque spirit. They have failed, time and again.

The Basques will prevail.

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