Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Puerto Rico's Freedom Fighters

This is the Editorial at Workers World:

Self-determination! But where?

Published Apr 24, 2008 1:54 AM

In February it was Kosovo. In April, Tibet. Can the ruling classes in the imperialist countries, those world-class oppressors, suddenly be major supporters of self-determination?

Only when it suits their interests.

The French and Spanish rulers repress self-determination in the Basque Country, the British keep their troops in the northern counties of Ireland and—closer to home—Washington sends the FBI into its closest colonial possession, Puerto Rico, to harass, frequently arrest, and sometimes kill independence activists.

In mid-April, Puerto Rican independence activist Miguel Viqueira was about to leave his home for work when FBI agents showed up, armed and with bulletproof vests, insulting and threatening him. That same morning the FBI spread their bad will around, approaching Tania Delgado Soto from Rio Piedras. Both are members of the “Nueva Escuela” or New School in Puerto Rico, not to be confused with the university in New York.

In the case of these two activists, after the FBI harassed them, the agents left without showing any judicial papers or warrants that would allow them to arrest or question the two. There were reports of others being harassed.

The continued efforts of the FBI and other U.S. police agencies to interfere with the rights of Puerto Ricans who believe their country has the right to sovereignty and self-determination should be protested by all in the progressive movement. Some already joined the April 21 protest at Federal Plaza in New York, a worthy target of protest. There will certainly be other opportunities to show solidarity with the Puerto Rican activists, who are freedom fighters really close to home.

When the imperialist ruling class starts to champion some national group demanding autonomy or secession, it’s time to get suspicious. Ask these rulers’ representatives if they are also going to support the self-determination of the oppressed nations in their own sphere of influence. It isn’t hard to predict their answer.

Our solidarity to our Puerto Rican fellow freedom fighters.

Gora Puerto Rico!

PS. Hawaii, is your turn.

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