Friday, December 19, 2008

Emir, Manu and Diego Armando

This article was published at the section Goal of The New York Times:

La Vida Maradona in Song and Film

By Jack Bell

International pop star and soccer legend wander the streets of Buenos Aires. Queue the music and vintage video footage.

Introducing the singer Manu Chao and coach of the Argentina national team, Diego Maradona in “La Vida Tombola,” a hit single off Chao’s Latin Grammy-winning album “La Radiolina.”

The song is also featured in the film “Maradona.” Here is the video for “La Vida Tombola,” which translates loosely to “Life Is a Lottery.”



The film was directed by Emir Kusturica, the award-winning Serbian filmmaker, and was a selection at the Cannes International Film Festival last May. It has been released in several countries in Europe.

Chao, 47, who was born in France to parents from Galicia and the Basque region in Spain, has long been a fan of Maradona. In 1994, he included the song “Santa Maradona” on his “Casa Babylon” album, Chao’s last effort with his band Mano Negra.

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