Monday, December 22, 2008


Unbelievable, according to the Tehran Times the Basque government has issued a letter of apology in which they lie to the Iranians about the reason why the friendly match was cancelled.

Here you have the report as is:

Basque football chief apologizes to Iran

Tehran Times Sports Desk

TEHRAN - Basque Football Federation president has sent a letter of apology to Iran Football Federation (IFF) over the cancellation of the friendly match.

This friendly was scheduled on December 23 at the San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao but the Basque officials cancelled it because of quarrel between their players.

The Basque Football Federation has requested its counterpart to hold a friendly at another time.

Iran will travel to Galicia, north-west Spain, on Wednesday to play a warm up with a team from the region.

First of all, there is not such thing as a Basque Football Federation, the Basques can only dream of the day when their sports team will gain international recognition. But anyway, the real reason why the friendly match had to be canceled was because the government of the Basque Autonomous Community (which comprises only three out of the seven Basque provinces) decided to betray the players by changing the name from Euskal Herria, a designation that encompasses all of the Basque Country for Euskadi, a term that in recent years have come to include only the three provinces included in the Basque Autonomous Community. The players of the Basque national team come from all seven provinces and even Basque descendants in other countries are considered and this is why they decided to stick with the Euskal Herria designation.

Boy, those Basque politicians from the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV for its initials in Spanish) are as trecherous as their French and Spanish counterparts.

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