Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spain Bans D3M and Askatasuna

Like I mentioned in the previous entry about how the UN has unmasked Spain as a human an political rights' violator, yet Zapatero has ordered two more Basque political parties banned.

You can read about it at this article found at Google News:

Spanish top court bars two parties from Basque polls

MADRID (AFP) — Spain's supreme court backed Sunday a government request to bar two Basque pro-independence parties from regional elections next month, judicial sources said.

The justices "have annulled the candidacies of the D3M and Askatasuna" in the March 1 elections, the sources told AFP.

The government and prosecutors charged that Democracy Three Million (D3M) and Askatasuna have links to the armed Basque separatist group ETA and its political arm Batasuna, which the court outlawed in 2003.

Anti-terrorist Judge Baltasar Garzon is to hand down a separate decision Tuesday on whether to suspend the parties' political activities.

Radical Basque separatist parties draw support from approximately 10 percent of Spain's Basque voters.

Spanish courts blocked two radical Basque parties, PCTV (Party of Basque Lands) and ANV (Nationalist Basque Action), from running in legislative elections last March over alleged links to ETA.

What Zapatero want is for the candidate for his own party, Patxi López, to win the elections so they can both dismantle what Basque society has built in the Basque autonomous community for the last 30 years.

Funny thing, the Zapatero's PSOE deployed the terrorist group known as GAL but somehow his party is not being banned, talk about Apartheid.

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