Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spanish Flag Insults Basque People

Juan Carlos Borbón and his minister Rodríguez Zapatero are bent on denying the Basques all of their political rights. To do so they have corrupted the own Spanish institutions and all but erased the separation of powers, a concept that is cornerstone to any democracy.

This is why, do to an order by Spain’s Supreme Court, Spain's flag, along with the Basque and EU flags, must be raised ‘permanently’ outside all public buildings which includes the Basque parliament.

Bowing to a Spanish Supreme Court order in order to avoid more state sponsored violence, the authorities in independentist-minded Basque country on Thursday hoisted the Spanish flag outside the Basque parliament in Gazteiz.

Without ceremony, the Franco era red and yellow flag was raised alongside that of the Basque country and the European Union near the main entrance to the regional parliament building in the centre of the Basque capital.

It marked the first time that all three flags were "permanently" raised outside the building.

Spain's Supreme Court ruled in November that the Basque parliament had to display the Spanish flag next to the red, white and green Basque flag. It argued that the law requires the flag to be displayed at all public buildings.

But the Basque parliament, dominated by the colaborationist Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) which faces regional elections on 1 March, had argued that the parliament building had no mast and had never displayed any flags. So the Basques were forced to install masts just to abide by this new imposition of colonialist power by Spain.

The Basque flag, known as "Ikurriña" was created in the 19th century by Sabino Arana, and it is much more commonly seen in the Basque country that its Spanish and French counterparts. Around the world it is largely considered as a symbol of resistance against colonialism.

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