Saturday, March 14, 2009

Criminalizing Solidarity

Officers from the Ertzaintza (Basque police force), have today removed photographs from the railings outside a bank in Arrasate-Mondragón, after receiving an order from the Public Prosecutor of the country's High Court.

The officers went to the bank in Calle Maalako Errabala, where the photos were on show, and unscrewed the aluminium board being used to display the pictures, which included Basque political prisoners like Unai Parot, José Ignacio Gaztañaga, José Gabriel Urizar, María Asunción Arana and Eugenio Barrutiabengoa, amongst others.

The court order came from Public Prosecutor, Vicente González Mota, who had reacted to information provided by members of parliament for the Basque Country about the existence of the photographs.

The Public Prosecutor's office acted on direct orders from Francisco Javier Lopez, a member of the PSOE who decided that Spain should criminalize displaying the photos that are placed in public spots to show solidarity towards the Basque political prisoners and therefore ordered them to be removed. The order is part of an strategy by the fascist Spanish government aimed at increasing the repressive measures against the Basque political prisoners and their families. Let us remember that the very same Spanish government has refused to remove the Francisco Franco's regime memorabilia still in place on streets, town squares, churches, schools and military installations, memorabilia which includes the present flag and the national anthem.

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