Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spain's New Crusade in the Basque Country

For the second time, Spain’s conservatives and socialists are to share power in the Basque country. The banning from recent elections of pro-independence left-wing parties left the ruling Basque Nationalists with no natural allies. Despite winning the most seats, the PNV had no overall majority and was forced out.

In its place the Basque socialist leader Patxi Lopez will become regional prime minister, a significant political boost for Spanish premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The post of regional parliament head will be filled by a member of the extreme right Partido Popular. There is no surprise whatsoever about this outcome which ends a three-decade period of Basque Nationalist rule in the region.

The PNV had enjoyed unbroken rule since 1980, but now faces time in opposition thanks to an deal between the PSOE and the PP that ends a masquarade. For the longest time these two parties were shown to the Spanish electorate and to the international community as two separate columns of Spain's alleged democracy. Now it is quite clear that they are little more than the right wing and the left wing of the same government, the one presided by Juan Carlos Borbon who was selected by the genocidal dictator Francisco Franco to replace him after his death.

The big wigs in Madrid decided that the precedents set by the independence of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia and more recently Kosovo, plus the calls for independence from Scotland, Wales, Feroe Islands, Breizh, Corsica and even the possible split in Belgium were far too dangerous because they could not keep up with their campaign of lies and misconceptions that they erected around the right to self determination of their own continental colonies; Nabarra, Cataluya and Galiza. This is why they decided to forget about their "differences" and joined forces in order to secure that they will be able to continue to deprive the Basque people of their civil and political rights.

The main stream media insists that this was the first time ever which is not true, the PSOE and the PP did the same thing over a year ago in the Basque province of Nafarroa when they left out a Basque coalition party known as Nafarroa Bai (NaBai).

The BNP (PNV) will be in the opposition yes, and they deserve it, because for the longest time they enabled Spain to supress the political rights of the left-wing parties thanks to a Franco era like law, it is just right that now they will suffer the consequences of their betrayal to their own people, serves them well.

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  1. I'd heard about the baning of the parties, but not the results and its consequences.

    No mention of it on the Guardian website.

    Another media black-out.

  2. Hi Rhys,

    Well, yes, the media is taking an active part in the cover up of what is going on in Euskal Herria these days.