Thursday, November 26, 2009

Irish Solidarity with Basque Youths

We learned about this video hosted at YouTube thanks to an entry in solidarity with the Basque youths abducted by the Spanish regime published at the Éirígí Sligeach blog:

In the early hours of Tuesday morning [November 24], 34 young Basque pro-independence activists were arrested in a massive operation by Spanish state forces.

The Spanish government has intensified its efforts in recent years to smash the Basque left pro-independence movement and its legitimate demands for national self-determination. Political parties, youth movements, newspapers, cultural organisations and prisoners' support groups have all been banned and their members imprisoned. In Ireland, two well-respected Basque political activists have been fighting extradition proceedings by the Spanish government.

This is the reality of ‘democracy’ in an integral part of the European Union. This Saturday, November 28, protests will take place in Belfast and Dublin in solidarity with the Basque struggle and the latest victims of Spanish state repression. éirígí encourages all republicans and socialists to attend.

  • Dublin: GPO, O'Connell Street, 12pm
  • Belfast: An Chultúrlann, Falls Road, 2.30pm

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