Friday, November 20, 2009

Latin America and the Basque Street

This note was published at EITb:

Kepa Junkera presents new album 'Kalea'

The musician from Bilbao counts on figures such as Pablo Milanés, who sings on the popular 'Txoria Txori' by Mikel Laboa, Lila Downs, and Juanes, who performs 'Aldapeko'.

Kalea, which was presented on November 19 in the Basque Country, is the second part of the trilogy that Bilbao musician Kepa Junkera began one year ago with Etxea.

This time Junkera has travelled to America to meet and record with many unique artists, singers who have sung in Euskera (Basque language) some of the most famous traditional Basque songs.

A total of 82 artists, singers and musicians from 11 different countries, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Cuba, and Brazil, accompany Junkera in the album. Those singers are Juanes, Lila Downs, Pablo Milanés, Ximena Sariñana, Abel Pintos, Adriana Varela, Georgina Hassan, Hilda Lizarazu, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Liliana Herrero, Liliana Vitale, Pedro Aznar, Sandra Milhanovich, Sebas Bereciartua, Victor Vitico Bereciartua, Fabiana Cozza, Fabio Caddore, Ivan Lins, Kadu Viana, Magda Pucci, Cris Miguel, Sandra Oak, Angélica Leutwiller, Zuzu Abu, Sarah Abreu, Joel Teixeira, Edson Penha, Renato Bráz, Vander Lee, Flavia Maia, Giba Alves, Mariah Rocha, Heloiza Ribeiro, Patricia Sosa, Leon Gieco, Manuel García Herrera, Jorge Villamizar, Ele, Eme, Gerardo Alfonso, Mayito, Martha Gonzalez, Miguel Inzunza, Susana Baca, Pamela Rodriguez, Nora Sarmoria and María Márquez.

Musicians such as Lito Vitale, Celso Duarte, Leonardo Amuedo, Barbatuques, Carlinhos Antunes, Armando Marçal, Da Lua, Ernesto Snajer and so many others have collaborated in this record, something that is a true reflection of a project that transcends the barrier of an ancestral language.

Kalea is a double CD with 24 songs published in a deluxe format including an extensive booklet with texts and reviews of each song and its lyrics in Basque and Spanish language. gives you the possibility of listening to the first single of Kalea: "Aita San Antonio", recorded together with Pamela Rodriguez and Brazilian percussion group Barbatuques.

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