Monday, April 06, 2009

Bleak Era Starts in Euskal Herria

The Basque Autonomous Community's Parliament has a Partido Popular President for the very first time. A bleak era of human, civil and political rights has opened in the Basque Country with the Partido Popular’s Arantza Quiroga, elected President of the Basque Parliament in Vitoria on Friday. The pact between the Socialists and the Partido Popular gives then 38 of the 75 seats and has led, for the first time in the history of the BAC'sParliament, the election of a P.P. President. Who can forget that the Partido Popular was founded by ministers from the Franco dictatorship, a genocidal regime that murdered thousands of Basques. Who can forget that not one single Spaniard has been prosecuted for all those murders.

The President of the Government, the Lehendakari, is the Socialist Francisco "Patxi" López, and for the first time also the left wing pro-independence parties have no representation in the chamber after Madrid resorted to a law that is a throw-back to Francisco Franco's regime to declare 100,000 votes null. The PNV Basque Nationalist Party, despite being the largest party at the regional elections on March 1, is now therefore out of power for the first time in 29 years.

On Sunday the new President went walkabout in her home town of Irún. Aratxa Quiroga admitted that her family are having a hard time of it, as now she is in the ‘eye of the hurricane’. She is also being the target of harsh criticism for her stance against the usage of condoms in Africa, as a member of the Spanish extreme right she champions the most backwards positions defended by the Catholic Church. Also, like every other member of her political party, she has never condemned the crimes committed by the Franco regime.

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  1. Actually, the left wing pro independence is represented with four seats in the Parliament thanks to the party Aralar.

  2. Oh yeah, we forgot about them, ever since they received all kinds of accolades and congratulations from Madrid we kind of removed them from the hard disk.

  3. Thanks for your solidarity!