Friday, April 03, 2009

Is Not Our National Side

It's been 42 years since Spain's side has played in the Basque region. And there is a good reason for it, the Basques do not support the team that represents the colonialist state that denies us our right to self determination, to the extreme that they won't allow the teams representing the nations trapped within the Spanish State nightmare to take part it international events unlike England that allows Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to do so.

But things changed after the botched electoral process last month in which the Spaniards on an all out attack against democracy were able to finally take over the Parliament in the Basque Autonomous Community. Now they want to celebrate and they will do so by adding insult to injury by having their national team playing on Basque turf.

There is supposed to be a debate in Spain following the revelation that the Spanish Football Federation wants to play in the Basque Country. It’s normal in Spain for friendly and some other international matches to be played in the regions, but the Basque Country has been ignored since 1967, 42 years ago.

It’s down to nationalist politics of course, and the thought of Spanish flags being waved in the San Mamés stadium is simply unthinkable.

Now the Federation President, Ángel María Villar, who is an ex Athletic de Bilbao player himself, has made the idea one of his objectives before his mandate ends in four years time, this shows that as usual, Spain resorts to traitors in order to advance its colonialist strategy.

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