Monday, June 22, 2009

Araba Euskaraz '09

This note was published at EiTB:

'Araba Euskaraz' kicks off in Oion

Nora García

The town of Oion celebrates Araba Euskaraz 2009 under the slogan "Hauspoari eraginez". This year San Vicente Ikastola hosts this festival of Euskara (Basque language).

The aim of this festival is to gather funds in order to provide economic needs and an infrastructure for the ikastola that hosts Araba Euskaraz.

This year San Vicente Ikastola will be the host of Araba Euskaraz. This centre started working 30 years ago and nowadays it has around 300 pupils and 29 teachers.

The money collected in this festivity will be used to expand this centre's nursery, to improve the dining hall service and also to create a new meeting hall.

Araba Euskaraz is expected to be attended by the Basque Government Education councillor Isabel Celaa, Basque Government Culture councillor, Blanca Urgell and Alava General Deputy, Xabier Agirre.

The song for Araba Euskaraz 2009 has been composed by the famous Basque clowns Pirritx, Porrotx and Marimototx, who will also perform during this festival. Besides, there will also be concerts offered by groups such as Deabruak Teilatuetan, Nora Ezean, Ohiu e Hiperakusia, among others.

As part of the celebration, there will be several events scheduled in four different areas: Bertsolaris, Basque dances, sports for children, rural sports exhibitions and street animation.

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