Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disrespect at Ezkaba

A group representing the Asociación de Familiares de Fusilados, Asesinados y Desaparecidos de Nafarroa (an organization that brings together relatives of those victims of the Spanish government that have been executed by firing squad, murdered or gone missing in the Basque province of Navarre) stated their disagreement to Elena Torres regarding the approach given to the guided visits at the Ezcaba fort.

Yesterday, Elena Torres (president of Navarre's Parliament), received the delegation for the association, headed by association's own president, Mirentxu Agirre, who counted with the company of Olga Alcega, Tomas Dorronsoro, Josefina Lamberto and Roberto Rocafor. At the end of the meeting the association stated that they do not agree with the approach that they are giving to the guided visits a the Ezkaba fort, "because they barely portray its real purpose, a jail for extermination". As it is well known, during the guided visits the main focus are historic and architectonic information about the fort, but they barely make any reference to the use given to the fort as a jail by the Francoist dictatorship.

During the meeting, according to a press release by Navarre's Parliament, Agirre was pleased by the degree of development in the agreement between that the Parliament decided to establish with the Universidad Pública de Nafarroa (Navarre's Public University) to create an archive dedicated to the Historic Memory.

"We are very satisfied by the interest and sensibility shown by Elena Torres time and again towards our cause. We trust that, just as she told us, the archive dedicated to the Historic Memory will be active by the next legislative period. On our behalf, we assured her that we are willing to collaborate in any possible wasy", informed Mirentxu Agirre at the end of the meeting. She also made public the "gratefulness" from the association for the cycle of conferences that, under the title "Victims of the Civil Was and Historic Memory" was organized by the Parliament on November of 2008, and to this matter they asked Elena Torres if there was a possibility to make such conferences an every year occasion.

The association was created back in November of 2002 with the objective of "reclaiming the historic memory in regards of the victims of the Francoist genocidal repression during the Civil War". On March of 2003, the Parliament approved a declaration in favor of the acknowledgment and moral reparation of all those Basques from Navarre executed by firing squad in the aftermath of the Francoist coup d'etat in 1936.

We sustain that a lot more needs to be done regarding all the heinous crimes committed by the Franco regime from 1936 until today that Juan Carlos Borbon perpetuates the murderous regime as king of Spain.

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