Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Other Red Wine Cocktail

Slowly but surely a Basque concoction is becoming the favorite party drink around the world. Its name? Kalimotxo.

Here you have some info from Austin 360:

Calimochos (The other red wine cocktail)

Addie Broyles

Sangria might be the king of exported Spanish drinks, but calimochos — a drink that originated in the Basque region that combines red wine, Coke and lemon juice — are just as beloved. Calimochos are cheap, easy (no cutting up of fruits) and contain ingredients you can get a convenience store.

The combination of red wine and cola sounds disgusting, I know, but in the five years since I lived in Alicante, Spain, I've introduced hundreds of people to this drink and few have turned me down for seconds.

There are endless regional variations throughout Europe of drinks involving wine and other beverages (pink wine and lemonade, white wine and Sprite, etc.), but this is the only one I continue to drink.

The recipe is simple: Half cola, half red wine, with a squeeze of lemon and plenty of ice. Cheap wine works best, as does a bottle of wine that's been open for a few days. As with all drink recipes, tweak the proportions to your taste.

Funny thing, Alicante is not in the Basque Country.

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