Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Wrath of Ares

Rodolfo Ares who acts as the head of the Basque Autonomous Community's Interior department issued a series of threatening statements against anyone that dares to show some solidarity towards the Basque political prisoners.

He has announced that his department will violently clamp down on owners of 'txosnas' (Basque mobile bars for festivals) who support or allow the placement of posters or banners of Basque political prisoners or torture victims in their premises.

In an interview with Radio Catalunya, Ares explained that the decision is aimed to reduce the human, civil and political rights of the Basque citizenry using as an excuse that they will be acting "against violence collaborators or against people allowing that those actions take place in our streets, towns or villages" for whatever that means.

"We will act against everything that offends the memory of the victims, against everything that infringe Law," he added. Curiously enough, he belongs to a political party (PSOE) that deployed a terrorist group in the Basque Country known as GAL, a group that murdered, tortured and maimed dozens of Basque citizens. None of the members of GAL are today in jail due to certain political manouvering by the PSOE, the PP and the Spanish crown. That tells you just how hypocrite this Spaniard is.

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