Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Reckless Farce

Last night, once again, the Spanish police arrested prominent Basque pro-independence leaders and activists: Arnaldo Otegi, Rufi Etxeberria, Rafa Díez, Arkaitz Rodríguez, Sonia Jacinto, Miren Zabaleta, Mañel Serra, Txelui Moreno and Amaia Esnal. Once again, a reckless and short sighted Spanish government orders the detention of political leaders that could only accuse of one thing: to labor in behalf of finding a solution to a political conflict. Once again, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba have received the priceless support of several media outlets and journalists that throughout Sunday used their news notes to thinly disguised their announcements that such an operation was about to take place.

Throughout these last few months Madrid has been trying to bring to the main stage a series of lies and misconceptions directed at preparing the ground for an operation of such large scope with all the resources at hand. Rubalcaba, as is quite obvious now, has been the mouth piece for this strategy, and media oulets like "El País" have echoed this farce aimed at manipulating the Spanish public's perception - and probably the European public's perception as well since there is a lot of interest and concern about the situation in Euskal Herria - into believing that "ETA has taken complete control over the pro-Independence left" and that "ETA lost all confidence on the political leaders and decided to leave them out of the political initiative that they wanted to propose during the fall", just like the mentioned media outlet published last Sunday. It doesn't matter if the message broadcasted from Madrid is loaded with misinformation, and that in the end it contradicts itself. Another example of this could be easily seen just yesterday by the language on the note reproduced by a large portion of the Spanish media outlets and news agencies, when they went on an on about how the detainees "had maintained meeting during the last months as a response to the political proposal announced by Arnaldo Otegi that the pro-Independence left pretended to use to return to the institutions presumably with an explicit distancing stance regarding violence". The kin reader would quickly notice, without a doubt, that the very same paragraph includes concepts like "political proposal" and "explicit distancing stance regarding violence", which could lead any European observer to shake his head in amazement - which is actually happening right now - when faced with the stark truth that the Spanish state continues to incarcerate politicians for tackling such issues, according to the mentioned media outlets and news agencies.

It is quite obvious that the absence of compelling reasons have never stopped the Spanish state, and that it has always counted with reliable operators in Euskal Herria to try and dilute the will of the majority of the Basque people.

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