Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rejection of Spain's Fascist Festivity Increases

The obsession by Francisco Javier Lopez and his junta to distance themselves from the previous tenants at the Ajuria Enea and loudly proclaim the change of pace that has allegedly taken place in Lakua's government is now in plain sight.

For example, just yesterday, Rodolfo Ares (born in Orense, Galiza and a rabid Spanish ultra-nationalist), in representation of Lakua's government, attended the Spanish Armed Forces parade in Madrid to celebrate the "Day of Hispanity". A carefully chosen decision by the Interior Minister and top commander of the Ertzaintza, to witness and also legitimate the outdated military display that each year exacerbates the must backwards Spanish cheap patriotism.

Looking to make himself clear, Ares went on to explain that he traveled to the Spanish capital in representation of "the Basque Government and, therefore, the totality of Basque society". More so, his presence was an "act of democratic normality of an autonomic government that emanates from the Statute, an Statute framed within the Constitution". Neither one is true. The current Lakua government is not the result of the will of the citizenry of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, but the result of the Apartheid like Law of Political Parties' political-juridic engineering. We should also point out now that the Spanish Constitution was never accepted by the Basque electorate, quite the opposite actually.

While Ares travels to Madrid to present the due abjection before the must outdated expressions of the Spanish kingdom, in the streets of Euskal Herria thousands of persons demonstrated against Fascism, the current and the former, the one that filled up the sides of the roads with dead bodies and the one that abducts and threatens Basque citizens. Besides, thousands of students showed up at their educational institutions, thus signaling their rebellion against a holiday that they do not regard as such. On top of that, several demonstrations were organized by the worker's union LAB to voice another demand, the sovereign right of the working class to decide its own calendar. That one and no other was the human landscape yesterday in Euskal Herria, a country that refuses to accept and imposed festivity.

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  1. Ares went on to explain that he traveled to the Spanish capital in representation of "the Basque Government and, therefore, the totality of Basque society".

    Hahahaha! That's the most idiotic and arrogant bravado I have heard in a long time from these neofascists.

    So we have Patxi López, Lehendakari by the Grace of God (would it be by the will of the people, he would not obviously hold such post) and Ares in the role of a "regionalized" Manuel Fraga when he claimed "the street is mine!" after getting several striking workers killed by his police minions.

    Who was of these pathetic puppets of Franco's ghost the one who paraphrased Fraga some weeks ago, saying "the streets are ours"? López or Ares?

    What do you think of the recent arrests? I bet that is just a pretext to get LAB illegalized in the hope of coping the "social dialogue" institutional posts with their "vertical union" apparatuses, just the same they have done with the political ones.

    It's just like in the times of Franco, just that instead of one single party, there are two in order to keep some appearances.