Thursday, January 15, 2004

Arzalluz Bids Farewell

Today at Berria English:

Expressing confidence in new leadership Arzalluz bids farewell to Party National Executive Committee

Set to retire as Chairman of the EAJ National Executive Committee at the weekend he says that from then onwards he will just be an EAJ member; “I shall be leading my own life”

Aitziber Laskibar – BILBO

On the eve of the EAJ (Basque Nationalist Party) General Assembly Xabier Arzallus gave his last press conference yesterday as chairman of the EBB (National Executive Committee). At the coming weekend’s general assembly Josu Jon Imaz is set to take over from Arzalluz officially; from that moment onwards Arzallus says he will be retiring from politics and leading a life of his own choosing.

“My first plan is to do nothing; I have a lot of papers to sort out and many things to read and write,” he said. Moreover, when asked what his role in the party would be, he said he would have none at all; “I’m going to make a clean break and lead my own life,” he added happily.

Indeed, he recalled that he had expressed his wish to retire from the party leadership four years ago and the person who had been the EBB Chairman for over twenty years admitted that for a long time he had been counting the days left. “This work is not very gratifying, because you don’t see the results immediately,” he explained. Moreover, the time spent in the leadership “was like a tunnel until it finished.”

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