Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Europe: Hunger Strike

Today at Berria English:

Basque prisoners’ relatives in Europe on hunger strike to denounce situation of loved ones

They are set to stage hunger strikes and hold meetings with social organisations in Paris, Berlin, Geneva, Brussels, Milan and Barcelona

Editorial Staff – DONOSTIA (San Sebastian)

Relatives of Basque prisoners have begun their protest scheduled to take place in a number of European cities. Over a hundred people showed up at the Amara bus station in Donostia (San Sebastian) on Sunday morning. Basque prisoners’ relatives and friends set out from there on their way to a number of European cities to denounce the situation of the prisoners. This will be their objective: to inform the organisations of Europe about the situation the Basque prisoners are facing in the prisons of France and Spain, and to ask for support and assistance. With this purpose two coaches and a van set out from Donostia at 10.30 hours in the morning.

They will be holding the series of protests in the following cities: Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona. They are heading for Barcelona today. The prisoners’ relatives and friends will be in these cities to draw attention to the rights of their loved ones. The protests will go on until this weekend and the participants will be on hunger strike in the meantime. While the protests are being made in each city, the relatives will be meeting with local social, trade union and political organisations. The aim of these meetings is to transmit direct information on the situation of the Basque prisoners.

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