Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Navarre Versus Ibarretxe

This plays right into the hands of those who insist that Navarre and the Basque Country are two different entities.

It was published today at Berria English:

Navarrese Government lodges two appeals against Ibarretxe’s Plan

Arguing that “it infringes on the powers of Navarre and the Spanish Constitution” they have lodged an appeal with the Constitutional Court and will shortly be filing another one with the High Court of Justice of the Basque Autonomous Community

Irene Arrizurieta – IRUNEA (Pamplona)

The Navarrese Government lodged an appeal yesterday morning with the Spanish Constitutional Court against Ibarretxe’s Proposal, arguing that it “infringes on the powers of Navarre and the Spanish Constitution”. They will soon be lodging another administrative one with the High Court of Justice of the BAC (Basque Autonomous Community of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa). In each one the Government of the UPN and the CDN has requested that Ibarretxe’s plan be dropped.

The Government of the Navarrese President, Miguel Sanz, has presented a substantive power conflict before the Constitutional Court. Yesterday Alberto Catalan, the Navarrese Government spokesman, explained the reason: “The powers and legal system of Navarre have been infringed upon and a mockery has been made of the people of Navarre.” In Catalan’s view the references made to Navarre in the preface and in Article 6 of Ibarretxe’s proposal inflict “serious damage” on the Charter or Regional Community [of Navarre]. He criticised the fact that “When the BAC Government refers to Navarre without having the legitimacy to do so, it is taking the representation of Navarre and its institutions upon itself.” The Navarrese Government spokesman held that the BAC Government did not “have the power to say that the people of Navarre have the right to decide their own future”. Another reason for taking the issue to court is that the Proposal contravenes Article 145 of the Spanish Constitution. The Proposal states: “The institutions of both Navarre and the BAC shall decide on the links between them.” Catalan, however, when referring to the Constitution, said that “these decisions” require “Spanish Government approval”.

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