Sunday, February 01, 2004

Basque Night at the Goyas

It was a Basque night at the "Goyas".

Last night in Spain they had their version of the Oscar Awards, they are supposed to be called Goya Awards but since the Photographer's Association started using that name for their own awards before the Spanish Cinema Academy now the name is in dispute pending a court resolution.

Anyway, the Asociacion Victimas del Terrorismo and a few other fascist groups issued threats agains the event because the movie "Basque Ball:The Skin Against the Wall" by Basque director Julio Medem was nominated in the Documentary category. The Academy pressed on and decided to champion the freedom of speech and above all, the freedom to make movies. Actors, directors and producers showed their support by wearing a "Freedom of Speech" sticker and also during their acceptance speeches.

As it happened, "Basque Ball:The Skin Against the Wall" did not win a prize, but another Basque director swept the awards, it was Iciar Bollain with her movie "I Give You My Eyes" which revolves around domestic violence in Spain where due to the Macho Culture beating your wife is as natural as peeing after drinking a few beers. Both Iciar Bollain and her movie had previously swept the San Sebastian Film Festival awards.

Special mention goes to Luis Tosar, the Galizian actor who won for best actor for his performance in "I Give You My Eyes", last year he won the same prize and he dedicated his speech to the "Prestige" oiler tank disaster and this year dedicated his award to his "brother" Julio Medem, the freedom of speech and the resolution of the Basque conflict.

And all this smack in the middle of the heart of the beast, Madrid.

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