Friday, February 20, 2004

"Educated" Bigotry

If I say ignorant bigotry readers are going to claim it is an oxymoron.

Or that I am being redundant, after all, you have to be ignorant to be a bigot.

They would be mistaken.

There is "Harvard Educated" bigotry also.

Just read the first paragraph on this article by Harvard educated Samuel P. Huntington:

The persistent inflow of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and two languages. Unlike past immigrant groups, Mexicans and other Latinos have not assimilated into mainstream U.S. culture, forming instead their own political and linguistic enclaves—from Los Angeles to Miami—and rejecting the Anglo-Protestant values that built the American dream. The United States ignores this challenge at its peril.

I would discuss this article to a great lenght, but since I am Mexican and I am Basque, and therefore two times Catholic (according to Harvard educated Huntington), I happen to be too lazy and too ignorant.

That is why there is those who say that knowledge doesn't necessarily means wisdom.

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