Friday, March 05, 2004

Among Us...

"Urak dakarrena urak daroa, baina zuk utzitakoa gurekin gelditzen da"

What the water brings the water takes away, what you brought to us remains among us...

How exactly do you go about living when someone that you love and admire is not with you anymore?

How exactly do you go about laughing and enjoying life when your heart is numb with pain over the departure of a loved one?

How exactly do you go about performing the little tasks of everyday life when in your mind there is a constant reminder that two little girls and a young woman are now facing their own lives without the one that provided them with everything?

I have no answers to any of those questions, all I know is that I will never see my brother again and the pain is just unbearable. Not only because of what I will never have the chance to share with him, but because of the sadness in the hearts of those closer to mine.

The last time we talked he told me not to give up, to hang in there after I disclosed to him that I was sad and lonely. I did what he told me and I kept steady on the path I've chosen many years ago.

I miss him, that is for sure, but I have to focus on doing anything it takes provide for his daughters and to honor him and his legacy by chasing my dreams.

To you Pepe, my brother, I dedicate this space, this window to my mind and my heart.

.... ... .

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