Monday, March 15, 2004

PP's Defeat

The rule of the Francoist PP in Spain is over.

The castle of glass that the Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar built on lies and manipulations came crumbling down after the rotten core of his party was exposed to the Spanish people and the international community. I don't know if there is anything worst than to try to profit politically from the tragedy of your own people.

What happened in Spain was simple, there was just to many lies coming from a bunch of arrogant and Fascist minded idiots. Immediatly after the terrible bombings in Madrid the Spanish regime issued a condemnation on Basque nationalism as the responsible for the tragedy. It was a political move, they knew they could get more votes that way.

The Spanish regime moved so quickly than within hours the UN High Council and the European Union had issued similar condemnations against ETA. The media in Spain and around the world championed this version. There was a few specialists in terrorism and members of intelligence agencies that put this version in doubt, it was simply not ETA's modus operandi.

The Spanish Interior Minister Angel Acebes told the press that everysingle piece of evidence pointed at ETA.

But then the truth started unraveling, first a van with detonators and tapes with Quran verses in Arabic, then an email to a London based news paper by a front group of Al Qaeda claiming responsability, then the arrest of three Moroccans and two Spaniards of Indian background linked to a cellphone that was in a knapsack bomb that did not went off, and the straw that broke the camel's back, a video-tape by Al Qaeda claiming responsability for the attacks.

The Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio instructed the Spanish ambassadors to stick to the by then "official version" of ETA's responsability even after the van with the detonators and the email from Al Qaeda was received.

Then the worst, in Irunea (Pamplona), fueled by the governments lies a police officer from Salamanca that works on a sort of political groups' intelligence unit gunned down a Basque baker, the police officer's son finished it up by stabbing the 61 year old man. Then the police attacked the family members and neighbors and brought down the Ikurrinas and black ribbons the mourners had place on the bakery. The baker, Angel Berroeta was a member of "Gurasoak", a human rights group for parents and family members of Basque youths accused of belonging to the "Kale Borroka", a youth organization that time to time stages violent demonstrations in the Basque Country.

By Saturday night the Spaniards were demanding the truth, and they took the streets once again banging pots and pans in front of each local PP headquarters. They were common folk hurting from the loss of innocent people on such a horrible way, but the PP presidential candidate Mariano Rajoy accused them of violating the electoral law (??!!).

On Sunday the Spaniards went to the voting poles, they started the slow process of kicking the Francoist scumbags out of office in the best way possible, vote by vote.

Then it happened again, in the Basque town of Hernani a group of people dediced to demonstrate for the death of Angel Berroeta, the Ertzaintza stopped them first but then allowed the demonstration to continue, suddenly they started firing rubber bullets and gas cannisters at the crowd, the people scattered and when the smoke cleared out they found 58 year old Conchi Santxis who was suffering a heart attack, the crowd begged for help from the Ertzaintza officers, who refused it, soon after Conchi Santxis died, one more victim of the intolerance.

Vote by vote Basques, Catalonyans, Galizans and Spaniards said no to Aznar's Francoist postures, vote by vote they said no to Mariano Rajoy's perpetuating the PP's Francoist agenda.

At the end of the day a grim faced Aznar had to conced defeat, Mariano Rajoy did the same not before making a fool of himself by calling the PSOE a bunch of ignorant reds.

Victorious was Jose Luis Rodrigues Zapatero for the PSOE, the Socialists that have nothing to do with Lenin, the same PSOE that eight years ago was voted out of office due to their corruption and the way they handled the Basque conflitct, by deploying their own terrorist group known as the GAL.

So, the political landscape is not really an improvement for the Basques or Catalans that did managed to reinforce their respective autonomic parties. Lets see how Zapatero will manage the present political crisis in Spain.

Someone please tell Powell to read the news so he stops babbling nonsense, he can try to help Kofi Annan to find a way to revoke that condemnation the UN approved on Thursday when they were fooled by a bloodthirsty and pseudo-democratic Spanish regime.

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