Wednesday, March 31, 2004

IBO : Unfair Jail Time

The International Basque Organization for Human Rights has issued a new press release:

Basques Imprisoned For 2 Years For Crimes They Did Not Commit

How many more stories such as this will have to be repeated before the international community understands that there are serious problems in Spain regarding false accusations of terrorism directed towards Basques? Over and over it happens - anyone with any of the same goals as ETA can and are considered accessories to ETA, or apologists for terrorism. When we talk about the same goals as ETA, we are not referring to violence; we are talking about the non-violent political and cultural goals that many Basques have in order to ensure the survival of their culture. Supporting political parties that advocate self-determination. Supporting Basque history and language in schools.

Supporting Basque language newspapers and radio stations and Basque language cinema and rock and roll. All these actions come under suspicion. The Basques in this news story reported being tortured before the judge, several years back. The judge not surprisingly, discounted their stories. Now that they have been found innocent, will anybody listen? Does it even matter whether or not they were innocent or guilty of crimes? Is it right to torture people to secure confessions? In Spain, it seems to be, even if the confessions given turn out to be false, as in the case documented here. How many other false confessions have been tortured out of suspected Basque "terrorists", one has to wonder?

The Basques are crying out to the international community for help. Who will respond?

*/This campaign is based solely on word of mouth. It is CRUCIAL that you tell others. Please pass this e-mail on to anyone you think may be interested/.*

For more information, please contact:

International Basque Organization For Human Rights
PO Box 225
Corte Madera, CA 94976

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