Sunday, March 14, 2004

Hate Crime

Today at Berria English:

Spanish police officer kills member of “Gurasoak” association in Iruñea

Iruñea-born Angel Berroeta was killed in his bakery; the police officer was arrested, as was his son

Asier Azpilikueta – IRUÑEA (Pamplona)
61-year-old Angel Berroeta-Legaz from Iruñea was killed at midday yesterday by a member of the Spanish Police in the bakery belonging to the former located in the Donibane (San Juan) quarter of Iruñea. The police officer was off duty and stabbed and shot Berroeta several times after a heated argument. It was alleged to have been a political argument (Berroeta was a member of the Gurasoak association). The police officer who fired the shots was arrested and so was his son, who was thought to have taken part in the argument.

Angel Berroeta’s bakery is at 18, Martin Azpilkueta street in the Donibane quarter and the police officer lives next door in flat “C” on the first floor. According to neighbours, at about 13.30 hours the policeman's wife had had a heated argument with Berroeta about a poster saying ETA, ez (No to ETA); the neighbours were eager to stress that the woman did not go to that bakery to get bread, “as she always goes to buy bread at the bakery opposite”.

The woman appears to have requested or demanded that Berroeta put a poster in his shop window, but the latter refused. And that was how the fatal argument began. After that the versions given by the neighbours differ somewhat. Some say the police officer was outside and others that he was in the flat. Whichever the case, the woman called the police officer and he went into the bakery and shot and stabbed Berroeta several times.

The police officer and the woman left the bakery and went to their flat. According to a witness in the same block of flats the woman said, “It was my fault, it was my fault.”

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