Saturday, March 13, 2004

Basque Escape Goats

Just last night, Bill, from the Peoria Pundit, was telling me about how after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington President Bush had issued an statement in which he strongly condemned any act of violence against Arab-Americans and/or Muslims.

Not such luck for the Basques in Spain, the Prime Minister Aznar has blamed the Basques, not only ETA but the whole of the Basque society for the sad events in Madrid. On his first speech he said that the victims had been killed "because they were Spaniards", heightening with one phrase the xenophobic attitudes of the people.

Later he has Spaniards demonstrating with banners that read "With the victims, with the Constitution and against terrorism". The "with the Constitution" part is aimed at the Basque Prime Minister Ibarretxe and every single political and cultural group in Euskal Herria that has been working peacefully and within the frame of the law towards advancing the Basque right to self determination.

Aznar and his junta have been feeding the drivel to the Spaniards that the Plan Ibarretxe, a proposal to redefine the relationship between Euskal Herria and Spain is a direct attack against the Spanish Constitution, never mind that Euskal Herria is an invaded and colonized country with its own legal frame.

Aznar's attitude produces ill sentiments from the Spaniards towards the nationalists from Euskal Herria, Catalonia and Galiza. Confused and sad some Spaniards have reacted and we have seen in the last couple of days demonstrations against the Basques in general and ETA in particular because the Spanish regime refuses the possibility that it was an Al-Qaida attack and insists on blaming ETA. The Spanish Foreign Minister Palacio went to the extreme of commanding the Spanish ambassadors to stick to the "official version" and insist to the governments and media in the countries were they are deployed that the authors of such heinous crimes are ETA, even after Al-Qaida had claimed the authory of the bombings.

As a result, today an Spanish police officer gunned down a Basque baker in the city of Irunea after the baker refused to post and anti-ETA sign on the window of his bakery as requested by the police officer's wife.

There has been multiple reports of Basque political prisoners being attacked in Spanish jail by Spaniards prisoners while the authorities doing little or nothing, or acting against the Basque political prisoners like it happened at one jail were the guards prevented them from reaching the food line at the mess hall.

Those xenophobic acts are one more legacy of Jose Maria Aznar's commitment to perpetuating Francisco Franco's fascist designs for Spain.

And I'll say it here, even if Osama Bin Laden himself claims the authory of the bombings, the sheepish Spaniards will still vote for Mariano Rajoy who Aznar tapped to be his successor

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