Thursday, March 18, 2004

Basque Importance in Iruñea

Today at Berria English:

Basque considered “indispensable” for two Iruñea City Council posts

A resolution published recently by the Navarrese High Court has suspended an advert for two City Council jobs placed in 2002

Editorial Staff – IRUÑEA (Pamplona)
In a resolution published recently the High Court of Navarre regards a knowledge of the Basque language as “indispensable” for two Iruñea City Council jobs. This decision of the court is in response to an appeal lodged by Iñaki Azkona.

Azkona lodged an appeal against the Iruñea City Council because of a decision it took in 2002 not to make a knowledge of Basque a requirement for the posts of assistant to the Basque Language Coordinator of the Department of Culture; in other words, a knowledge of Basque was not taken into consideration.

The Judge, on the other hand, made it clear that Basque was “an indispensable condition” to fill these posts. Consequently, the High Court of Navarre has suspended the advert for the two jobs.

The Euskara Kultur Elkargoa is “very grateful” for the Navarrese High Court’s decision, and has stressed that the judges have once again condemned the Iruñea City Council’s attitude towards the Basque language.

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