Saturday, March 27, 2004

Aznar is Gone, Good Riddance!

Only a couple of weeks ago José María Aznar was cracking up huge face-splitting smiles, he was riding high and nothing, absolutely nothing could stop him.

He had managed to make the whole world believe that he was a great statesman, the international community and the media were lazy on realizing that they had been fooled by an arrogant bore.

Throughout his eight years as Prime Minister of Spain he has been the mastermind behind the Popular Party's success in bringing back some of the worst elements of the Francoist dictatorship into the political and cultural life of Spain. It helped that the media and the international organizations employed the last 30 years on sanitizing the image of one of Europe's worst dictators.

From his hand the establishment in Madrid suffocated the cultural and political life in Euskal Herria and Catalonya; newspapers were closed down, political parties were banned, elementary schools were accused of being "hotbeds of terrorism", artists were persecuted and activists were incarcerated with often unsustainable accusations of abetting terrorism.

He went to the extreme of threatening the Basque Prime Minister with incarceration if he was to push forward with his plan to a referendum in the Basque Autonomous Community aimed at finding out were the Basque society stands regarding self determination and independence.

He said no to dialogue, it was his way or the highway, his arrogance was so blind that he created the devastating conditions for Europe's worst environmental disaster, the sinking of the Prestige off the coast of Galiza.

During the build up to the war on Iraq the majority of Spaniards opposed the rush to start a war over accusations of Saddam's links to Al Qaida and the non existent weapons of mass destruction. Aznar could care less, it was his golden opportunity to be one of the big dogs mostly after France, Russia and Germany decided to remain on the sideline.

Oh how much he loved that picture of him with his buddies Bush and Blair in Lanzarote. In his mind that picture rivaled that one of the Four in Malta during WWII. He was the second or third most important fella in the world, depending on how the world saw that pansy ass Blair.

Something in his little peanut mind told him that running for a third term would be a little too bold, so he decided to be the puppet master and have one of his minions taking the front stage, he then tapped his dauphine, Mariano Rajoy, to run for the position of Prime Minister of the One and Christian Kingdom of Spain.

And then on a cold winter morning the peyote induced dream came crashing down. But it was not the bombs that killed and wounded so many innocent people what destroyed the foundation of that ivory tower he was living in, oh no, it was the acid of his own lies what in the end melted away his credibility and the credibility of his officials.

Last week he was caught with his pants down trying to hatch a coup d'etat, attempting to walk the elected Prime Minister and his party into a political quagmire, Spain was ready this time and once again his true colors disgusted the public.

A couple of days ago during the summit of European leaders in Brussels he was not smiling that dumb and arrogant smile of his, he sat, lonely, while the European leaders greeted each other before the meeting. He was the fallen angel with all the ugly colors of Fascism smeared all over him.

Good riddance to one of the world's most sinister and idiotic leaders of modern days.

Agur txakurra!

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