Saturday, March 13, 2004

IBO: Angel Berroeta

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Press Release
March 14, 2004
International Basque Organization For Human Rights

A Basque man, Angel Berroeta of Pamplona, was killed today by a Spanish National Police officer after he refused to put up a sign in his bakery condemning ETA. The police officer's wife had come to the bakery and demanded that Berroeta place the sign in his shop. He refused, telling her to "place it in your own residence". The woman went home and told her husband who then went to the bakery, angrily confronted Angel, and then shot him four times.

Angry neighbors of Berroeta gathered outside his bakery, and hung Ikurrinas (Basque flags) adorned with black ribbons. Over the past several days, black ribbons have been placed everywhere in honor of those killed in the attacks of Madrid. After the flags were hung, the police who had gathered at the scene violently charged the crowd of neighbors and ripped the flags down.

After 9/11, the leaders of the U.S. specifically called upon citizens to be calm and not scapegoat people of the Islamic faith. The Prime Minister of Spain has yet to make any similar request of his people in regards to Basques and members of Islam. On the contrary, Aznar has called for demonstrations behind the motto "With the victims, with the Constitution, by the defeat of the terrorism." The inclusion of the Constitution in this motto is clearly in reference to the proposal being made by Basque politicians for a new political relationship with Spain. Spanish government officials have repeatedly stated that they could never accept this proposal because it would change the Constitution. Aznar purposefully included this political reference, during one of Spain's most painful and sorrowful moments, in order to tar and feather Basques and their political aspirations as terrorist.

International Basque Organization For Human Rights
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Corte Madera, CA 94976
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