Friday, March 26, 2004

Attitude Towards Dialogue

Today at Berria English:

After meeting EAJ highlights PSOE’s open attitude towards dialogue

The EAJ says that they hope the change will have an effect on the PSE-EE

Agencies – MADRID
Josu Erkoreka, the EAJ spokesman, yesterday praised the PSOE’s open attitude in the Madrid Congress (lower house of parliament). He made these declarations in Madrid after meeting with the PSOE leaders Jesus Caldera and Alfredo Perez-Rubalcaba. “We have come across an open attitude and a disposition for dialogue which are a far cry from the aggressive, arrogant attitude of the past few years,” said Erkoreka, as he emerged from the meeting. He went on to say he was keen for the open attitude he had come across in the first meeting with the PSOE to pave the way for good mutual understanding with the PSE-EE.

Moreover, he praised the PSOE’s wish for the plural nature of the State to be reflected in the Congress and Senate (upper chamber). The EAJ has in fact asked to be represented on the Presiding Committee of either the Congress or of the Senate.

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