Saturday, March 20, 2004

Germany Denounces Foul Play

Today at Berria English:

Germany denounces information concerning attacks circulated by Madrid

Interior Minister Otto Schily cites “delays, vagueness and certain doubtful things, too”; moreover, PSOE spokesman Rubalcaba says the Aznar government knew from the Thursday onwards that it could have been an Islamist attack

Editorial Staff
Otto Schily, the German Interior Minister, declared yesterday that “there were problems” with the information circulated by the Spanish Government in the wake of the March 11 attacks in Madrid. In a programme broadcast on Wednesday afternoon by the ZDF public TV network Schily pointed out that there had been “delays, vagueness and doubtful things, too” from Madrid. So, Schily trusted the data given by Jose Maria Aznar’s government and circulated the theory that ETA had been behind the attacks.

As Angel Acebes, the Spanish Interior Minister, was attending a meeting of European Union Interior and Justice Ministers in Brussels, he was asked yesterday about Otto Schily’s declarations. Acebes, however, assured everyone that Schily had not said anything of the kind to him, had not accused him nor asked for any explanations whatsoever. Acebes declared: “We did not tell anyone any lies; we have deceived no one,” and as proof of this he referred to the declassifying and publishing of two reports by the Spanish information services. “The Spanish Government has not lied to anyone, let alone to Spanish citizens,” he pointed out. “The documents we made public yesterday constitute clear proof that we have been telling the truth from the start.”

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