Saturday, March 13, 2004

Defying Terror

Also today at Berria English:

Defying terror

Huge waves of Madrid citizens went out onto the streets yesterday afternoon to denounce what had happened the day before yesterday and to call on people in political authority to “rapidly” clarify what took place

Editorial Staff
Hundreds of thousands of people poured onto the streets of Madrid yesterday to denounce the attacks of the previous day and the atrocity they caused. And the citizens were asking the political authorities who the perpetrators of the slaughter were.

The Madrid demonstration set out from the Colon square in the rain. A 20-metre-long banner bearing the words “For the Victims, for the Constitution and for Victory over Terrorism” was held by many people in authority: Jose Maria Aznar, the Spanish President; Felipe de Bourbon and the infantas Elena and Cristina of the Spanish Royal Family; Jose Luis Rodriguez-Zapatero, the General Secretary of the PSOE, leaders of the trade unions UGT and CCOO; Alberto Ruiz-Galardon, the Mayor of Madrid; Jose Maria Rouco, Chairman of the Spanish Episcopal Conference; Manuel Jimenez de Parga, the President of the Constitutional Court, among others.

World leaders also joined the march: European Commission President Romano Prodi; British Minister for Europe Denis MacShane; the Prime Ministers of France and Portugal, Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Jose Manuel Durao Barroso; Italian President Silvio Berlusconi; the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Germany, Sweden and Morocco, Joschka Fischer, Laila Freivalds and Mohamed Benaisa, respectively; NATO Deputy Secretary Alessandro Minuto; EAJ leader Iñaki Anasagasti; and Jordi Pujol, the former president of the Catalan Government or Generalitat, among others.

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