Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheap Shot

I first learned about this issue through two blogs published by English speaking fellows living in the Spanish State. Now it is the topic of an article at the Telegraph, let us analyze it:

Iron Maiden skeleton head Eddie appears in Spanish town hall

Eddie the Head, the blood-spitting skeletal mascot of the heavy metal rock group Iron Maiden, has been displayed in a Spanish town hall as part of a political war of symbolism.

By Alastair Jamieson
Last Updated: 10:30AM BST 15 Oct 2008

The demonic face, a regular feature of the band's violent album cover designs, features regularly at council meetings in the town of Villava in Navarre.

Because Basque separatist councillors insist on hanging the Basque flag on their desks during debates, upset rivals opposed to the idea of the Navarre region being treated as part of the Basque country have adopted the Iron Maiden flag as their own emblem.

Problem for the councillors who oppose the idea is that by hanging the Iron Maiden flag they can not rewrite history. Navarre is not just a part of the Basque Country, Navarre is THE Basque Country. For years Madrid has been fooling the international community by claiming that the Basque Country has never been an sovereign political entity, which is a lie for Navarre was an independent kingdom for well over 800 years, more so, it was a Basque kingdom.

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The Socialist leader, José Luis Uriz, said: "The Iron Maiden flag means a lot to me. If I have to put up with their flag, they'll have to put up with Eddie's face."

He does not have to put up with the flag, all he needs to do is to understand and accept that he represents a party created by people that opposes the political right of the Basque people to its self determination. And that the Basque people have the Navarrese flag to represent their political identity and the Ikurriña to represent their cultural identity. What Uriz needs to do is to stop betraying his own people and try to study and understand the historic and cultural past of Navarre.

The conservative Navarrese People's Union party has joined the protest, with its councillors now hang the flag of the local La Liga football club, Osasuna, from their desks.

If Uriz in misguided, the UPN militants are just plain idiots, they are displaying the flag of a football team that happens to be in Euskara, the Basque language. Osasuna means "health" in Basque... and they are trying to clain that Navarre is not part of the Basque Country!

Plus, Osasuna's home field is called "Kingdom of Navarre", a kingdom that was conquered by Castile and Aragon in its southern portion after a long war. If you check a map from that time you will notice how small was Navarre in comparision with Castile and Aragon (not to mention the Frankish empire) and you will understand how dear their sovereignty was for the Basques, a people that despite the odds fought till the end to preserve its independence, and independence that they still long for today.

Eddie The Head, whose first incarnation was created by an art student from a melted plastic face mask, is ever-present at Iron Maiden concerts. It has often appeared above the drummer with 'blood' spitting through its mouth.

Navarre, in northern Spain, borders the Basque Country and is divided between Basque speakers and Spanish speakers. Earlier this month, police in Navarre detained four men overnight on charges of staging acts of street violence in support of the militant Basque separatist group ETA.

Navarre can not border the Basque Country for Navarre is the Basque Country. What Navarre borders is the Basque Autonomous Community formed by three former Navarrese provinces by the names of Araba, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia.

The article then goes on into the classic drivel against the right of the Basque people to its self determination, the same drivel that never mentions the thousands of Basques murdered because of their compromise with their country. Shame on the news outlets.

By the way, my entire support goes to the Basque councillors in Atarrabia (called Villava by the Spanish invaders) having to deal with those pro-Spain bullies resorting to cheap strategies because they are unable to conduct their political careers professionally.

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