Thursday, October 02, 2008

NABO's Basque Region

Thanks to the blog Ant's Meat and the post "To Basque Amerika", I found out about the strangest thing, NABO (North American Basque Organizations) has issued a declaration regarding the now inexistent referendum initiative called by Juan Jose Ibarretxe, the statement is in support of the initiative, if you want to read it follow this link:

Until now NABO had been suspiciously silent about the political situation in Euskal Herria, that is why I agree with the comment by Jon, specially this part:

If NABO’s role if going to be political from now on, we cannot reduce our perspective to only one side of the spectrum. So, when is NABO going to sign a declaration in favor of the repatriation of Basque political prisoners and exiles? When is NABO going to sign a declaration against banning Basque political parties? When is NABO going to sign a declaration against the practice of torture in Spain?

And how about this map posted by NABO?

Not even the anti-Basque crowd would dare to post a map of Euskal Herria that shows but a sliver of the entire territory.

After the Idaho Memorial, Basques around the world had always been hopeful that the Basque community in the USA would finally wake up and start applying some pressure to their government in behalf of the right of Euskal Herria to its independence. When they finally say something through NABO is to support an initiative that amounts to a revamped political status between Gazteiz and Madrid that ensures the PNV members will continue to milk the cow.

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  1. What would you propose to do regarding NABO and its involvement in the Basque Country's political affairs?
    Mayeb, we should come up with our own declaration favoring the independence of Euskal Herria. We could post it and people could add their own ideas and then we could officially send it to NABO for its support.
    By the way, that map is a disgrace to all of Basques in Amerika.