Monday, October 06, 2008

Elena Beloki

Elena Beloki, a Basque political prisoner serving a 13-year jail term has been released for IVF treatment, causing outrage among fascist minded Spaniards.

Six months after Elena Beloki, 47, was sent to prison she was released so that she could begin the fertility treatment in June.

After her first attempt a judge ruled that she could remain on conditional bail until the in vitro fertilisation course was completed. She was unable to have a baby through natural methods and sought to try IVF, which is being paid for by the Spanish State.

The judge's decision has angered members of the extreme right Association of Victims of Terrorism , known as AVT, who say there is a danger that she will run away. The prosecutor in the case also opposed her bail and doctors said that she could have received the treatment behind bars.

Beloki was sentenced to 13 years in jail in December for being a spokeswoman for Xaki, In June she was released after asking to have a course of IVF treatment, claiming that it was her last chance to become pregnant. Her boyfriend is Juan María Olano, a jailed leader of Euskal Herritarrok.

After the half-hour treatment, Beloki was granted permission by a court to remain on conditional bail.

The AVT, which acts as a front groups for the extreme right Partido Popular, a political party formed by former ministers from the Franco dictatorship, made a formal complaint to the court, claiming there was a real risk that Beloki would flee. But Judge Alfonso Guevara ruled that she should remain on bail with a surety of €3,000 (£2,330) until the treatment was completed. He said that she continued to comply with her bail conditions and was not considered a flight risk or deemed likely to reoffend.

In August there was virulent smear campaign set in place by the media outlets akin to the Spanish Ministry of Propaganda after the country's most notorious Basque political prisoner, Iñaki de Juana Chaos, was released from prison having served 21 years.

Spain has murdered dozens of thousands of Basques in its five century colonial occupation of the Basque homeland.

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