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2008 : The Future

Ibarretxe continues to press forward with this call for a referendum in the Basque Autonomous Community. This note appeared at EITb:


Ibarretxe's Speech

Ibarretxe:" Basque Country’s future will be decided” in 2008


This is one of the messages given by the Basque Prime Minister in his traditional reception to Basque society. He also pointed out that Basque society “will never pin its hopes just on ETA’s hands”.

The Basque Prime Minister, Juan José Ibarretxe, said that 2008 will be "fundamental" because "Basque country’s future for the next twenty years will be decided”, and assured that Basque society “will never pin its hopes just on ETA’s hands” and “will not accept a way back”.

Ibarretxe made these comments in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the speech given during the Christmas reception to Basque society, which took place yesterday, at Basque government seat.

A big representation of Basque society attended the act, politicians, businessmen, trade union and culture representatives just as judiciary and public prosecuting
members, and education and sports’ world members.

The Basque Prime Minister started his intervention assuring that “living in peace is a Basque people’s” right, and asked “Basque Country to be respected as an own and differentiated personality town”.

About the Basque armed group ETA

However, regretted that in 2007 "ETA has broken everybody’s illusions, including many Batasuna’s people’s, with the cease-fire end”.

In spite of this he said that “they have tried and failed” but “also learned”, meaning that Basque society “will never pin its hopes just in ETA”.

"There have been some attempts to solve things and dialogue always started with an ETA’s truce and also finished when ETA wanted and we will never repeat this experience,” he warned.

Besides, he stated that citizenship “will not accept a way back to ilegalize ideas or political parties” and to consider as a crime that Spanish Socialist Party PSOE’s representatives talk with the outlawed Basque party Batasuna”.

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